Our studio facilities


We have a range of small, medium and large studios available for hire at our Elstree complex.

You can find technical information and studio plans below.


Elstree Studios technical information

Elstree Studios Technical Specification

Elstree Studio D – 11,800 sq ft (BBC Elstree Centre)

PDF Document Studio D with audience (200KB)

.dwg file Studio D with audience (312KB)

PDF Document Studio D with audience – Lighting (200KB)

.dwg file Studio D with audience – Lighting (314KB)


Elstree Studio E – 900 sq ft (BBC Elstree Centre)

PDF Document Studio E (614KB)

.dwg file Studio E (269KB)


Stage 8 – 7,500 sq ft (Elstree Studios)

PDF Document Stage 8 (347KB)

.dwg file Stage 8 (204KB)

PDF Document Stage 8 – Lighting (285KB)

.dwg file Stage 8 – Lighting (204KB)


Stage 9 – 7,500 sq ft (Elstree Studios)

PDF Document Stage 9 (228KB)

.dwg file Stage 9 (195KB)

PDF Document Stage 9 -Lighting (148KB)

.dwg file Stage 9 – Lighting (195KB)


George Lucas Stages 1 and 2 – 15,825 sq ft (Elstree Studios)

PDF Document George Lucas Stage (206KB)

.dwg file George Lucas Stage (273KB)

PDF Document George Lucas Stage – Lighting (97KB)

.dwg file George Lucas Stage – Lighting (272KB)