Our studio facilities


We have a range of small, medium and large studios available for hire at our Elstree complex.

You can find technical information and studio plans below.

Printing specifications for Studio D, Stage 8 and Stage 9 is 1:50@A0

Printing specifications for Studio E is 1:50@A2

Elstree Studios technical information

Elstree Studios Technical Specification

Elstree Studio D – 11,800 sq ft (BBC Elstree Centre)

PDF Document Studio D with audience – Design

PDF Document Studio D with audience – Lighting

.dwg file Studio D with audience – Design and Lighting


Elstree Studio E – 900 sq ft (BBC Elstree Centre)

PDF Document Studio E – Design

PDF Document Studio E – Lighting

.dwg file Studio E – Design and Lighting


Stage 8 – 7,500 sq ft (Elstree Studios)

PDF Document Stage 8 – Design

PDF Document Stage 8 – Lighting

PDF Document Stage 8 with audience – Design

.dwg file Stage 8 – Design and Lighting


Stage 9 – 7,500 sq ft (Elstree Studios)

PDF Document Stage 9 – Design

PDF Document Stage 9 – Lighting

PDF Document Stage 9 with audience – Design

.dwg file Stage 9 – Design and Lighting


Drawings for our other stages can be requested by contacting:  plans@bbcspp.com